How I discovered multiple male orgasm

Jack Johnson had the feeling that the belief that men can only have one orgasm was eroneous.

I had a very strong feeling that the assumption that women can have multiple oragsms but men can't was totally erroneous. I had a very strong intuition that there was an easier, more natural-feeling way for men to experience multiples than all of the "last minute squeeze" methods I had read about... "squeeze" just didn't seem to be in the FLOW of things.

I also intuited that orgasm and ejaculation are not the same event. Orgasm is bioenergetic, ejaculation is glandular (contractions of the prostate resulting in expulsion of fluid through the penis). I took it as a working hypothesis that there was another way for men to experience multiples that did not require "ejaculatory brinkmanship." I had an intuition that maybe all of the hype in our culture about how different men and women are in their sexual (and especially orgasmic) experience may be just that, hype.

I also assumed that the path to discovering this form of orgasm, and the way it would be experienced, might actually be rather similar to what many women's experience of orgasm seems to be: That is, more subtle, with the energy diffusing through the entire body as intensity increases, rather than GUNG HO!!! CHAAAARRRRRGE!!!! with intense erotic focus primarily in the penis. I then took as a working hypothesis that the knowledge of how to have multiples in a more natural-feeling way is coded in to our DNA.

Once I accepted that premise, then it became a question of "remembering", of asking my body to access the cellular memory of how to do this. I assumed that I needed to unlearn what our culture had "taught" (or rather brainwashed) men into believing about what was and was not possible for us sexually, and orgasmically. As part of this process, and as an outgrowth of a very special and powerful process of working with dreams that I developed a number of years ago, I had identified an "Inner Guide" who named himself "You'm" who HAD this knowledge. I asked You'm to be my ally and my teacher... I would work it consciously from the "outside" and You'm could do so from the inside. Often in my self-pleasuring, meditative practice I'd "ask him" to help me access the knowledge. I assumed that every cell in my body wanted to remember. Every cell wanted to have this experience. I then started to receive "intuitive flashes" about how to proceed. I treated these images as gifts from You'm, from the cells in my body trying to give me pictures of how to proceed.

One of the first "suggestions" You'm and my cells gave me was to analyze or "deconstruct" what was happening in my body when I was leading up to orgasm WITH ejaculation - what did I notice? What position was I in? What was my breathing like, etc. I noticed that usually my legs were straight with a lot of tension in them, and that my breath was rather shallow and the energetic focus of the breath seemed to be high up in my chest. So I bent my legs, and then I started working with breath, and later with what I came to name the "Key Sound". I started asking You'm to teach me how to get the energetic focus of my breath lower into my body, even as I was becoming more aroused.

That's when I remembered having read Osho (Rajneesh). I'd only read part of one book of his, but in that part he had mentioned "Valley Orgasm" although he never said exactly what it was or how to achieve it. But that "valley" word was a clue. It confirmed my intuition that a probable goal was to get the energetic focus of my breath lower in my body. I later remembered Annie Sprinkle mentioning in her video "Sluts and Goddesses" - a funny, sex-positive, and informative film - that "Pleasure Rides the Breath". Annie has studied a lot of Tantra and this pleasure/breath linkage is a basic tenet of that practice. In her video she also courageously demonstrated a 5 min long "megagasm", which had many multi-orgasmic peaks... I noticed the sound she was making, and I could really feel the orgasmic energy in the sound. You'm whispered to me that orgasmic energy is actually contained in the sound. From there I started experimenting with different sounds which would allow me to vocally express, and release, the pent-up arousal energy, while paradoxically moving the energetic focus of this arousal from my chest down to below my penis. After receiving yet another intuitive clue - a childhood memory of observing how a tiger at the San Diego zoo had actually expanded its lower belly when it roared - I eventually discovered the Key Sound. I immediately discovered that using this sound to express aroused energy pent up in my chest not only allowed an outlet for that energy, but that the arousal began charging up my entire body, not just in the area of my penis. I also noticed what I've labelled the "Echo Effect". That is, when I use the Key Sound, immediately afterward there is an increasingly intense, automatic wave of pleasure that sweeps from my feet back up my spine and through the top of my head. Some would describe this as "The awakening of the kundalini." I learned that as these "echoes" increased in intensity, they took on all of the characteristics of orgasm, but that there was often no ejaculation. I also found that I remained in this charged state for a very long time, using the Key Sound to repeat over and over this orgasmic rush.

Paradoxically, some of the most intense orgasms of this kind occur without any erection whatsoever!


Copyright 1996 by J & J Collaborations, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted in Certified Male by permission of the copyright holder. The "Key Sound" is demonstrated in Jack Johnson's audio tape seminar: Male Multiple Orgasm Step-by-Step (available at or 800-349-9866).

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