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Certified Male is a periodical magazine covering men's lives and their role in society. It is not an "academic" journal. Most of the content is men's own stories about their own real-life experiences.

What you will see

Certified Male is pro-male. Our purpose is to present men's views of a range of issues which are either ignored by the mainstream media, or covered only from a women's perspective. Some areas we cover are:

  • Men's relationships with men, women and children
  • Politics and the law as it affects men
  • Boys and how they become men
  • The whole spectrum of the men's movement, from personal growth to men's rights

And yes, we do use the "F" word (feminism). Certified Male is neither pro- feminist nor anti-feminist. We believe that some aspects of feminism are a blessing to men as well as women, and those we support. We also do not hesitate to discuss those aspects of feminism which are unjust or anti-male.

What you will not see

We do not indulge in woman-bashing or misogyny, since it serves no purpose other than to widen the gender divide. We also do not publish material that suggests we should be ashamed of being men, as that theme is adequately catered for in other publications from greeting cards to TV shows.

Your role

Certified Male is supported by subscriptions and donations. We rely on contributions from anyone with something interesting to say. If we have no subscribers, we will cease to exist. If we have nothing to publish, we will cease to exist. So it's up to you...

- The Editors.

Some topics covered to date:

  • Boys' education
  • Men's health
  • Family law
  • Marriage
  • Separation
  • Male targets of domestic violence
  • Men in early childhood education
  • An Office of the Status of Men
  • Men's centres
  • Separated fathers
  • Anti-male bias in the press
  • A "Take back the penis" rally
  • Revamping fathers' day
  • Making peace with dad
  • Father & son camps
  • Female-dominated relationships
  • Getting past lust
  • Being a better father
  • The Somerville cartoons the papers wouldn't publish

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